Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rise and Shine

Rise and shine, let us thank God for the gift of this new day.
I was just pondering," some  wake up to the warmth and comfort of a bed, some were at work late last night to ensure they or their loved ones have a warm bed to wake up in, some had sleepless nights with no rest, some this day is their breath of fresh air and sigh of relief, some have been looking foward to this with much anticipatio and sadly some are not. But no matter the trails, circumstance or situation, make it a point to sow good seed this morning, for the fruit of the day is dependant on the seed you sow in the morning. stay lessed

Friday, November 18, 2011


EL-Roy on Discipline,"What is discipline it is defined in many instances as many things e.g.: self-restrains, orderliness, strictness, rules and regulations, a posture or stand one takes, a standard set by an individual or organization to be upheld. Where ones efforts are exerted on to obtain or achieve a desired result or outcome, to remain acute and do what is necessary!
But what is discipline in its truest essence? It means to be a disciple of a certain code and being a disciple means to be a follower, a devotee, it means to strictly adhere to orders, obey and abandon all else but that code or cause. Like an athlete would follow strictly his training and health program to become the best he can be; like a student would study hard and thoroughly research their subject matter even loosing track of time. Discipline the ability to say yes! When the world says no, the unwavering ability to stand and follow orders, at times against all odds. Like a salmon swimming upstream in a predator infested river to reach its purpose and destiny in time to come. Ahh yes, That’s the essence of discipline! I have often heard that, “discipline is the making of a character and the lack of it the unmaking of a character.”
What is wrong with our society, Nation and youth pertaining discipline? It is clear that we have become the instant generation, where we want what we want and we want it now! Thus robbing us from the learning opportunity of patience and endurance, and our instant gratification has short circuited the results of what we could have and would have been or attained if we only waited. And like a premature baby the defects can be devastating."
Stay blessed everyone